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The Point Within the Circle
Bounded by two parallel lines

Revealing new insights into
The Design of Freemasonry

This is a very unusual book on Freemasonry. It takes you on a journey through some of the esoteric elements that are integral to Freemasonry's design. It shows how the Masonic temple itself is constructed in accordance with three ancient systems:

  • The ancient stone circles of the neolithic
    British Isles,

  • The Qabalah and Tree of Life of the Hebrews, and

  • The alchemical and Hermetic philosophy of the late Renaissance.

The philosophy and structure of these three systems have been combined and interwoven to create the rich tapestry of symbol and allegory that make up the Masonic system of initiation.

This book is packed with deep content communicated in a brief friendly and open style that makes it easy to absorb. It contains over 100 pictures and illustrations showing how the symbol of the point-within-the-circle-bounded-by-two-parallel-lines discloses the heart of the Masonic system.

Available as a library-quality hardcover in a limited edition, as a softcover, and in ebook format.

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